Sullivan Entertainment brings you the Road to Avonlea series.
Road to avonlea

Sullivan Entertainment sells different videos that a great for the whole family. Gina's Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their series Road to Avonlea.

My Thoughts about Road to Avonlea:

Road to Avonlea is a television series that ran for 7 seasons with a special Christmas episode. The series is based off of the children's book Anne of Green Acres. I will admit I have not read that series although it's on my list of classics to read. 

Here is a summary of season 1 to give you and idea what the whole series is about:

Sara Stanley is forced to live with her deceased mother’s relatives, the King Family, in the charming town of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. Her journey down the Road to Avonlea takes her and the entire King Family through tales of romance, fancy, tragedy and comedy. Sara’s story is intertwined with many unforgettable L.M. Montgomery characters from the cast of the original Anne of Green Gables mini-series.

I found this series to be fun and entertaining to watch. What I love is that it's a great series the entire family can watch together. There are too many shows and movies on television these days that are not appropriate for children to watch. Road to Avonlea is a good one though.

You can purchase each season separately or you can buy all 7 seasons in the box set.

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