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A rolling backpack makes it easier to work or study on the go. Using a rolling backpack is beneficial for your back, not just a convenience.rolling backpack

I love being a blogger and working from home at all hours of the day and night. However, there are times I just really need a change of scenery and to get out of the house. My laptop and binder are heavy, especially the binder. Neither my husband or I drive so I rely on public transportation to get around the city. Thankfully I live in the suburbs of a major city so we have great public transportation.

Did you know that carrying a heavy backpack on your back can actually harm you? That's right! My family has a history of scoliosis, so I already have a bad back. A rolling backpack has been on my wishlist for years! I finally found one I love on eBags. The bonus is that it's also a Jansport brand. Two companies that are known for their high-quality bags.

This rolling backpack is the answer to my dreams and makes commuting so much easier.

rolling backpack

As I mentioned I rely on public transportation to be able to go out to work. The bus stop is about two full city blocks away from Starbucks. I love being able to just wheel myself to my destination instead of using my heavy laptop backpack. I've found that I actually walk faster pulling the backpack behind me.

rolling backpack

Here are the details of this amazing rolling backpack:

  • Wheeled daypack with tuck-away shoulder straps to convert to backpack
  • 2 large main compartments for versatile storage
  • Front gear pocket with organizer keeps essentials handy
  • Front stash pocket
  • Side water bottle pocket
  • Handle extends 22″
  • Single bar handle and inline skate wheels for stable, controlled motion
  • Fully padded back panel for cushioning comfort

You can easily wear this as a backpack if you want. The straps clip on and off of the bag and tuck into the back of it so that they don't drag on the ground and get damaged.

rolling backpack

The amount of space in this bag is amazing!! In the main compartment, there is a padded sleeve for your laptop. I can put my laptop, a large binder and power cord in just this one section! The Jansport Driver 8 Rolling Backpack also has three other compartments for all your essential supplies, plus a water bottle pocket on the side.

I keep saying my large binder, but I just realized you don't know the massive size of my binder. I've included a picture below you will see why I am so in love with this rolling backpack.

My binder easily weights 2-3lbs on its own. I can easily carry all of my essentials with me when I work away from home. When I'm wearing this bag as a traditional backpack I noticed that the weight distribution is amazing and it feels lighter than my old laptop bag.

Don't forget about your high school and college students. The school year is ending for the 2017-2018 school year. Now is a great time to purchase your must-have items for the 2018-2019 school year. Trust me, this rolling backpack should be on your must-have list.

What do you use to carry your laptop around when you travel away from home? I'd love to hear what you think of this amazing rolling backpack from eBags.

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