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Is your teenager thinking about college yet? Are you stressing about how to afford it? Now is the time to start thinking about scholarships.


I remember when my daughter was growing up worrying about how I was going to be able to afford to send her to college. She's always been very smart, and goal oriented so it was never a question if she would attend college or not. When it comes to paying for college everyone thinks of financial aid. Financial aid is a great way to help with college, but don't forget about scholarships!

There are many different types of scholarships to help with college.

My daughter knew from a young age that she wanted to become a nurse when she grew up. This career choice stems from the vast medical problems I suffer from, along with my mother. We started to look into scholarships for her as soon as she started high school. A common mistake families make is waiting until Junior or Senior year to think about scholarships. You should actually think about those starting in Freshman year.

Another thing you can do to get your child ready for college life aside from applying for scholarships is to teach them about money and debt

My daughter has always been in advanced classes so her grades have always been excellent. Her senior year at the awards banquet she was awarded a few scholarships. One of them was from the nurses at the school. We had no idea they even had a scholarship program. My daughter would go to the nurse's office on breaks to talk to them and learn about the nursing field. They awarded her the scholarship along with her first stethoscope. 

Did you know your school guidance office is a good starting point for scholarships? The guidance office at school is a great source of information. Your child can even schedule an appointment with their counselor to talk about scholarships that are out there in their desired field. I mentioned my daughter was awarded a scholarship from the nursing staff. Obviously, if she was going into a different field such as accounting, she wouldn't qualify.

Also, check with your religious leaders and/or your heritage. At the awards banquet, students were being awarded scholarships from different religions and nationalities.

Another great place to look up scholarships is the internet. Technology is a great source of information for our youth. You can do a simple google search and come up with hundreds if not thousands of different scholarship options to apply for. Here is a list of a few to get you started.

Groza Learning Center

Rocco Basile

John Jesensky

Rusty Tweed

Summit Shah

Karl Jobst

Nationwide Debt Direct

Aaron Minc

Jason Kulpa

I hope this post helps you and your teenager get ready for college. Has your teen started thinking about scholarships yet?

Do you have tips I didn't include? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear them.


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