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We all have parts of our body or personality we don’t like all the time. It is important however to love yourself no matter what.

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There is an old saying that really does ring true, “How can anyone love you if you don't love yourself?” You should never change who you are for someone to accept you and love you. That's not what the saying means. It means you have to love yourself the way you are. We are all unique and that's what makes us special.

Everyone at one time or another suffers from low self-esteem. To be truly happy and accept yourself for you, it's important to have an overall positive self-esteem. I know personally how hard this is sometimes though.

I do suffer from low self-esteem and so does my husband.

We try to encourage each other and bring each other up all the time. We will talk badly about ourselves (which you should never do) but yet we don't let each other do that.

There are different things in our lives that make us to not fully love ourselves. It can be emotionally or you can not like physical aspects of your body. I know I'm overweight and should take better care of myself than I currently do.

If you truly have parts of your body you do not like and want to change, there are ways to do so safely. Diet and exercise are, of course, the most popular ways to change how your body looks physically. Sometimes, that isn't the answer. Sometimes you really do need help from a plastic surgeon to get the look you want and desire. It's important though to do your research!

It's important to research not only the plastic surgeon but the surgery type. There are different methods for a variety of plastic surgery treatments. One of the most popular plastic surgery types is breast augmentation. One of the methods for this type of plastic surgery is the Bellesoma Method.

When people think of breast augmentation they think of someone that wants to enlarge their breasts. While this is one type, there are some woman that has naturally large breasts and would like to have a breast reduction so they are a more reasonable size.

I won't go into it all in this post, but there are health problems like back pain etc when you have naturally large breasts. I know I'm not always comfortable with mine and toy with the idea of a breast reduction. I am not sure if the Bellesoma Method is an appropriate method for this. That is why it's very important to research not only the doctor but the method of treatment.

My wish is for everyone to love who they are and embrace all of our flaws. Our flaws are what makes us unique. Everyone is beautiful and we need to realize this more.

What are your tips for positive self-esteem?

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