Jif is a brand we all know finally, your favorite delicious creamy peanut butter comes together with chewy granola for an irresistible snack bar. Did you know they also make granola bars? You can purchase them at Shoplet.com

Jif Bars

The Jif peanut butter-packed bar is a good source of protein. Satisfy sweet and salty cravings at the same time with a yummy peanut butter granola bar. Easy to eat on the go bars are a great fit for pockets, purses and backpacks.

Food Type: Granola Bar

Flavor: Creamy Peanut Butter

Capacity Weight: 1.4 oz

Packing Type: Bar

Jif peanut butter granola bars are a great snack full of protein.

I've worked with Shoplet.com many times over the years to help fuel my office supply addiction. I didn't know they sold food too!  These are great for my husband's lunches. He has a hard manual labor job and there are times he doesn't always get time to eat his lunch. He can easily eat one of these Jif peanut butter granola bars and have the protein and fuel he needs to finish his work day.

I carry one in my purse because I tend to get hungry when I'm out of the house. I don't know what it is…if I step outside I get hungry. Go figure. It's easy to snack on these and they are a healthy alternative to the junk at fast food or convenience stores. A box retails $28.33 and you get 15 bars in a box.

These are easy to eat if you have sensitive teeth as well. My husband needs his wisdom teeth pulled so he's always careful of what he eats. He had no problems eating these.

Shoplet really is your one stop shop for anything you could possibly need for your corporate or home office. You can get office supplies, medical supplies, cleaning supplies, food and office supplies all in one place. Now that is convenient.

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