Small businesses thrive on the support of the local community. It's easy to find a listing of small businesses in your area.small busineses

Small businesses are often also referred to “mom and pop” businesses. What does that mean exactly? When we think of businesses with think about CEO's, and a headquarters etc. There are all kinds of small businesses. Small businesses are businesses that are locally owned and operated by residents in their community.

Their prices may be lower or a tad higher. However you are helping to put food on the table, perhaps their children can participate in extracurricular activities that have a fee because of the income generated in the family's small business. Supporting a small business also helps the local economy.

It's easy to find a listing of small businesses in your area.

In this day and age, we can google anything we need an answer to. Businesses of all types have a listing online with a website advertising them as well. Let's take businesses in Wilkes Barre PA for example. There are all types of small businesses in that area. You could do a google search of the area to find out the demographics, average income and businesses nearby and more.

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It's summertime and that means travel and vacations. When you are researching where you want to go on your vacation make sure you also search for some quaint unique little small businesses. Depending on where you go on vacation, that community may depend on tourists money to create a business and make money for the rest of the year. Plus it's a fun unique way to purchase gifts and souvenirs of your trip.

I've lived in my area my entire life and I still look up companies online. An online directory of businesses is great if you are at home, or traveling. Businesses change all the time and it's also the easiest way to find directions to their business and their business hours.

What are some of the ways you love to support small businesses?

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