Sparkleez is an As Seen on TV product. If you've seen the Sparkleez commercial and your kid was in the room, you're in trouble. Little girls everywhere will be begging for these creative toys!


Currently, there's two different Sparkleez Sets your kids can enjoy!

There's the Snowberg set which comes with the Snowberg ice cave, Princess Sparkle and friends, and 6 magic color markers. Then there's Twinkle Town! This comes with Twinkle Town Tree, Princess Petal and Friends, five magic color wands and magic eraser wand. They do have figurine sets of adorable little critters. These come with three markers, an eraser marker, three figurines and a small vinyl drop cloth. (Also, you can find the Sparkleez figurine sets on Amazon. These are not yet available on the Sparkleez site.) These toys are adorable! They come with Magic Color Wands (Markers) for your kids to create a tiny, shiny world. These are permanent, so be sure to protect your surfaces and wear clothes you don't mind messing up or a smock apron to protect the clothes. (Mind the sleeves!)

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sparkleez breezyfly

This is Breezyfly. Isn't she adorable?! I only half colored her as I wanted to show the difference between colored and non-colored areas. The figurines take 1 to 2 minutes to dry. After coloring your magical creature, simply put it aside and continue the fun with another figure. If one makes a mistake on their figure, no problem! Simply use the magic color erase wand, and erase! This may take a little bit depending on the amount you are trying to erase off. You do need to clean the tip in between erasing.

Are Sparkleez Reusable?

YES! Us parents can get the Sparkleez Figurines clean using rubbing alcohol. Just dab at it with a cotton ball, rinse and dry! Voila! Brand new Sparkleez ready for your little one to color and create again! I managed to get this clean very easily. I was amazed with how clean it got quickly, and it's luster didn't tarnish. I did get some marker on my skin. It came off with ease as well, simply using soap and water. Again, these are permanent markers. They highly recommend protecting clothing and surfaces while coloring your Sparkleez.

I cannot wait to see my daughter's face Easter morning when she sees her own Twinkle Town Tree and Friends! They scream Spring to me and they're NOT candy. If you are looking for a great creative toy and are trying to skip the candy this Easter, it would fit perfectly in your kids' Easter baskets. I highly recommend Sparkleez! (Under parental supervision of course!)

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