No one likes to clean, well some people enjoy it. Cleaning your home though is an important task. Did you know that Spring cleaning your home can help ensure that your home is a happy healthy place to be?

Spring cleaning

I'm not one for cleaning much, to be honest, my husband does the household chores. I do other aspects of taking care of the house but cleaning is not my strong suit. There is something exciting about Spring cleaning though. I love when we can open the windows and let the fresh air in and get rid of the stuffy air from having the house closed up all winter.

Did you know Spring cleaning is also good for your health?

We suffer from various medical conditions and one of them is upper respiratory problems. My husband has congestive heart failure and I have asthma. When the furnace kicks on, it blows around the dust and dog hair. Our home gets dusty in the blink of an eye! We have more breathing problems in the winter because there is no fresh air coming in.

Doing the regular every day tidying up can be difficult with a chronic illness. The deep cleaning can be even more difficult. It's important to take it easy and go slow. Sometimes cleaning hacks such as vinegar and newspaper to clean the windows can help make the task of cleaning easier.

When it comes to the cleaning products we all use in our homes, we should be sure to read the labels. There are some products that my husband swears by that aggravate my asthma. We have a workaround for that thankfully. More and more people are looking for eco-friendly, or green products to help clean their homes. Harsh chemicals in cleaning products are not needed, personally, we love the Genesis 950 concentrate cleaner.

One of the best ways to Spring clean your home, especially if you have health problems is to use environmentally friendly products. There are a lot of products on the market that are advertised as “green friend” or “environmentally friendly”. This is important not only so we are not breathing in harsh chemicals but to help prevent things like waste hauling.

Another way to Spring clean or freshen up your home is with new furniture. Fabric on our furniture can trap in odors and germs. Plus it's just fun to get brand new furniture! We need a new living room couch badly and are saving up for the style we want since it is expensive.

I have always dreamed about one of those couches that recline since I have ankle problems and a built-in footstool would be heavenly. My husband is 6'2″ and doesn't even fit on our current couch when he's stretched out. He is drooling over the idea of a recliner of his own. JMD Furniture has some great furniture options. I'm absolutely drooling over their large leather sectional. I wish I had the money and space for something like that!

What are some ways that you Spring clean your home?

I'd love to hear your tips, maybe I can share them with my husband. Another thing we did recently we went through our clothes and got rid of ones that had stains (I'm a messy eater) or we just didn't love anymore. It was refreshing to know we no longer have to keep up with that many clothes! I was a clothes hoarder. I personally got rid of 2 large trash bags of clothes. We can finally walk in our walk-in closet!