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Experiencing a personal injury is both scary and painful. There are steps you should take immediately to help protect yourself, and get any compensation that you are entitled to.

steps after personal injury

Thankfully, I have never suffered a personal injury from a fall or car accident. I'm just clumsy though and trip over thin air. I did damage my ankles when I was around 19. That wasn't a personal injury that was someone else's fault. I was young and dumb (weren't we all at one point) and did the damage myself. If you are the unfortunate victim of a personal injury there are things you can and should do to protect yourself.

Six steps after personal injury everyone should do.

  • Seek Medical Help

I know this seems like a no-brainer if you are severely injured. Have you ever heard of something being sent to the hospital for “observation just to be checked out”? There is a reason for this. What might seem like a simple bruise or pain, can actually be the result of a more serious injury that you can't see on the outside. Having medical documentation that you were seen, and checked out immediately after an injury occurs can help to prove the origin of the injury.

  • Notify People Of Your Injury

You should notify at least one person in your life about the injury. They can be there as a witness to any medical procedures that are needed. It's also just very comforting to have someone by your side when you are injured. Having someone with you can also help you to remember instructions from the doctor or ask important questions.

  • Find An Attorney

You may have to hire a lawyer depending on the types of injuries you sustained and how you became injured. There are personal injury lawyers in every state. For example, A Tampa injury attorney is Kinney, Fernandez, & Boire.

  • Prevent Future Injuries

Preventing future injuries can be done in a different way. Did you experience a fall due to the neglect of a business? Was it a car accident due to the road or signs? Are you now unsteady when you walk? There are many variables but you need to protect yourself so you don't injure yourself again and also report how and why the accident happened in the first place.

  • Document the Accident Scene and Collect Evidence

Documenting the accident scene goes in with the last step of preventing future injuries. We all have cell phones these days. It's super easy to take pictures of the scene and the conditions that caused the accident. If it's a bad road that needs to be repaired, take a picture of it. Was it a car accident due to confusing signs, take a picture of that as well. Maybe you were walking and the sidewalk is in dire need of repair. Yep, again take pictures.

  • File and Obtain a Copy of a Police Report

Sometimes people don't think their injury/accident was severe enough for a police report. You should report it anyway. This helps to prevent a future one and it also helps you receive a settlement you may be entitled to. Just like seeking medical attention just in case, file a police report as well. You should also obtain a copy for yourself and not just hope that the proper channels will receive one.

Hopefully, these tips help you in case you ever sustain a personal injury, hopefully, you never will. Do you have any tips I didn't mention?

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