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The exciting and sort of daunting moment you find out you are going to have a baby is one of the most life-changing events that will ever happen to you. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fourth, there is nothing quite as exciting as preparing for a new bundle of joy. Your family means the world to you and there is nothing you wouldn’t do for any of them. You realize that being pregnant and getting organized for an expanding family is going to take a lot of careful thought and consideration. You might need to make some sacrifices along the way, especially if you weren’t quite expecting this new little surprise in your life. Nonetheless, you are bound to enjoy every moment of this upcoming adventure, so make sure you are ready for some huge and thrilling changes in your life. If you’re not quite sure where to start some of the following ideas will help you to get started with the preparations for your expanding expanding

I remember the excitement and fear I had when I found out I was pregnant. My daughter is all grown up and out on her own  but those feelings are still there as if it was yesterday. With proper planning and learning to also take time to relax and just enjoy your pregnancy, everything does work out for the best.

Do You Need to Move?

The moment you realize you’re having a baby you might suddenly go into panic mode, especially if your home isn’t the biggest. Try not to worry because you have a whole nine months ahead of you to fix any potential problems. If you think moving house would be a good idea then use a housing loan calculator to find out what you might be entitled to. Buying a bigger home is obviously going to set you back a little bit in terms of your finances, but if it suits your expanding family, you will need to consider it. Once you have established what your family needs in terms of your housing situation, you will be able to start focusing on the more exciting aspects of preparing for a new baby.

Taking Care of Yourself

When you are expecting it is extremely important to reassess some of your lifestyle choices. Your baby is going to need a lot of vital nutrients to keep them healthy and happy, especially within the first twelve weeks. This is where all of the baby’s development actually happens so it’s crucial to eat well and cut out any bad habits. You should think about introducing more portions of fruits and vegetables into your day to day routine. You will also need to add plenty of protein, slow releasing carbohydrates and lots of essential fatty acids too. Don’t forget to start taking a folic acid supplement as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, as this will help to protect your baby from developing spina bifida. Getting plenty of gentle exercises is also very important to improve the blood flow through your body. If you’re fit and well it will also make your pregnancy much more comfortable.

Assess Your Finances

You might be a little shocked to find out that having a baby in the USA averages at about $10,000. If you haven’t already thought about insurance and healthcare costs then now would be the perfect time to start thinking about your options. Even with good health insurance, it’s going to cost a lot for you to have this baby, so you should start thinking about where you can make a few sacrifices here and there. There are many ways that you can start saving money to provide for your baby, from rethinking your home energy bills to reducing the number of vacations you take in the next nine months.

Talk to Your Family

Telling your family that you’re going to have a baby is a super exciting time. It’s likely that your parents and siblings will have been waiting for this moment for a long time so be prepared for lots of hugs and excitable screeches. Many couples choose to wait until twelve to fourteen weeks before they tell anybody they are pregnant, simply because the risks then become a lot lower. You might feel comfortable telling just your parents rather than telling your whole social media following that you have a positive test. The world will soon be able to find out when they start to see your blossoming bump in a few months time.

Get Prepared

You are probably bursting to head out shopping for adorable baby clothes and supplies, so why not start right now? Make a list of everything you are going to need from diapers to a changing table. The sooner you start shopping for these items the easier it will be on your financial situation. Spreading the costs of these items over the next nine months will help you to afford exactly what you want. If you wait until the last minute you might be left panicking with a huge credit card bill to pay off once the baby has arrived.

family expanding

Think about the Future

It is likely that you’ll want to take some well earned time off work, so discuss with your partner how long you can afford to go on maternity leave for. See if you’re entitled to any financial support from your local government and make sure you think carefully about the near future. Once the baby has arrived you should have a clear plan in place so that there are so confusions about what you are doing in terms of work.

Now you sort of know what it’s going to take to get organized for your new little bundle of joy. At first, it may all take quite a while to sink in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting prepared right now. A lot of expecting mothers quite sensibly wait until they are past the first trimester before they start thinking about nursery ideas and maternity leave, but once you feel comfortable there is nothing stopping you from getting this party started! It’s going to be a huge shift for your family, but there is truly nothing better than welcoming a new member into your clan. As long as you are calm and prepared for everything that is about to come your way, you should have no problem taking these exciting steps towards your future.

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