Do you have a favorite teacher on your holiday shopping list this year? The 5 piece desk set from Teacher Peach is the perfect gift.

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Teacher Peach is all about teachers—every day! Teacher Peach supports teachers and helps those who appreciate teachers to acknowledge the great work teachers do—with great products teachers love. Teachers love to explore Teacher Peach and discover unique and inspiring products. With Teacher Peach, it’s easy to champion and support these amazing teachers—with amazing products that matter to them!

Teacher Peach products are uniquely designed—just for teachers and students—by their creative team of educational experts. Their products work for teachers because they have over 30 years of experience creating educational programs that help kids learn and teachers teach. They know what it takes to teach!

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I'm not a teacher but I'm always at my desk.

As a blogger, I'm working at my desk for long hours. Some days way too many hours to be honest. It does not matter what your job is, you need to be organized.

I love this 5 piece desk set, it's a great addition to my home office. If you are a regular visitor to my blog you know how much I love office supplies.

This set is colorful with jewel-tone colors in this set: bright cyan blue stapler, grass green tape dispenser, bright purple supply tray, hot pink pen and pencil cup, and white tissue box cover in teal.

If you are a teacher, the stapler takes regular-sized staples and opens to allow for flat tacking onto bulletin boards. Can you imagine how much easier it will be to hang up beautiful bulletin boards?

My favorite is the durable supply tray has two smaller sections to hold things like paper clips, push pins, and more, while the larger one is just the right size for a holding block of sticky notes or index cards. Personally I have my small and large paper clips in the 2 smaller sections. In the larger one I store extra sticky notes.

This set is not only great for a teacher, or home office, it's great for a homeschooling parent! The gift giving ideas are endless really! 10% of the profits from every sale is donated to Teacher Peach Seeds!

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