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Did you know it's very easy to add a text overlay to a family photo using photo-to-text?text overlay on photo

I've mentioned many times on my blog how I love personalized items. They are fun to own in general but they also make for a great gift! The holidays are upon us, and we are always scrambling to find that perfect gift. makes it easy to create a personalized photo gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Like most couples, my husband and I have a song. We dance to it every time to listen to it. I used photo-to-text to add the lyrics of the song as an overlay of one of the few pictures we have together. I absolutely love the end result and I have it hanging on the wall in my office.

It's easy to add a text overlay on photo

You can design your own personalized text overlay photo in a matter of minutes. There are only 3 super easy steps to follow.

Step 1

text overlay on photo

Of course, the first step would be to upload to your photo to their website. I mean how can they create your customized creation without your picture right?

Step 2:

text overlay on photo

This where you add the text you want. You can search online for lyrics to songs. I think this would be super cute to add text to a wedding photo using your wedding vows. How about a picture of your child with a song or nursery rhyme you always sang? The possibilities are endless really. You can pick the font type, and if the text size. It's fully customizable.

Step 3

text overlay on photo

The last step is to pick the background color you would like on the photo. That's all it takes! Super easy and you are done in minutes.

This is the picture I used to start with:

text overlay on photo

We now have a beautiful customized photo. I love this picture of us because it's from when we first started dating. We were at a 4th of July party waiting for the fireworks to start.

This is the end result with the text overlay on the photo. I used the lyrics to our song “Waiting on a Woman” by Brad Paisley.

text overlay on photo

 Frequently asked questions about text overlay on photos:

  • Shipping is amazingly fast for your photo as well. It takes 24 hours in production and then 5-7 business days to get to you so more or less it takes a week and a half.
  • Images must be sent in JPG / JPEG / PNG format.
  • To purchase the image, you only need to add the resulting image to the cart. Upon registering, once the payment is received, the photo to text will be sent to the same email address used for registration in just a few seconds.
  • You can create a digital result as well. Follow the same steps for a printed product and click on file during checkout.
  • Prices: Prices do vary depending on the print size and type:

text overlay on photo

Who would love to receive a photo-to-text picture in your life?

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