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We are all looking for ways to be healthier and sometimes we need to add a supplement or two. Our food does not always help us to have a healthy stomach (gut). I know I personally have all kinds of digestion problems. Prebiotics benefit your gut in many ways.prebiotic benefits

Prebiotics are just as important as probiotics but they do differ. Probiotics introduce new bacteria to the gut. Prebiotics nurture and cultivate the healthy microbiome that already exists there.  As I mentioned, I have a lot of digestion issues. My IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can be managed by making sure my gut is healthy.

prebiotic benefits

BiomeBliss makes it super easy and convenient to use their product. It comes in powder, not in a pill form with a delicious berry flavor. I'm glad there is not yet another pill I need to take every day. I take enough of those as it is.

prebiotic benefits

For one serving you simply mix one scoop of powder in a glass 6oz glass of water and stir. Not only are you getting the great prebiotics you need, but it's also a great way to help get in that water we need so much every day. I'm very picky about what I eat and drink. BiomeBliss is actually delicious! It has a great deep berry flavor without any chalky taste to it as some other health powders have.

What are the benefits to prebiotics?

  • Hunger Control

When the good bacteria in your gut is well-nourished your body doesn't want to eat as much. You get full faster on less food. That's a win-win in my book!

  • Blood Sugar

Providing key nutrients supports important microbiome functions that help manage mealtime blood sugar when already in the normal range.** (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.)

  • Regularity

Did you know that eating a balanced diet helps your body to work the very best it can?  Eating a variety of healthy foods – primarily fruits and vegetables can help you to have healthy regular bowel movements. It's not something we tend to talk about but it's a very important aspect of your health.

  • Gut Health 

Not all the bacteria in your gut have good eating habits. If not nourished, some may even forage on the mucosal lining in your gut. To keep your body healthy, BiomeBliss supplies non-digestible carbohydrates (fiber) and polyphenol antioxidants to feed the hungry bacteria.*

How does BiomeBliss prebiotics work?

Your microbiome communicates with physiological systems of your body, such as the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. Encouraging a greater microbiome diversity can help those signals and result in a wide range of benefits. Studies show that people with a greater microbiome diversity are generally healthier and have lower body weight. When there is a microbiome imbalance or dysbiosis, this can have consequences to health.

Do you use a prebiotic in your healthcare routine? If so, how has it worked for you?

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