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When you have young children and it’s time to move houses, you may be wondering how on earth other parents do it. It is, after all, hard enough to keep the peace and serenity of the house without the added stress factor of a home littered with storage boxes and kids running around in anticipation of the big move.

moving with kids

Even worse, what it the children put up a fight and don’t want to move at all? As parents, it’s heartbreaking to make them move away from all of their friends and their safe surroundings – but it’s a necessary move and you can still find ways to make it a bit easier.

Here is a handful of ways to make the big move with your family a bit easier as well as how you might be able to get the kids on board with the plans.

First: Talking about the move

Sure, you’ve probably researched everything about the new area and have a sense of excitement about this and you can easily share this with your children. Try to teach them what you already know about the city or neighborhood you’re going to live in and consider driving over to check it out first as well.

This is only as long as it is within driving distance, of course, but it will give your kids a chance to have a look around and even discover a few things they might be happy about.

Think about other ways you can trigger their excitement as well and talk about the large playground that’s just a few minutes away from the house or how many kids their age that lives in the area. These are the kind of things that matter to children and might get them a bit more happy about the upcoming plans.

Next: Take the stress away

The only way to make your move slightly easier to handle is, of course, if you manage to cool down and keep yourself stress-free. This is important to your entire family, by the way, and you might not even notice just how stressed you are about this until you unload that moving van and sit down for the first time in your new home.

Start by hiring a few movers to help you out with the worst part and remember, above all, to start packing the small things as early as possible. When you have a few things sorted out early on, everything else will look a bit more bearable – and you will feel that your shoulders are lowering too.

Let the kids decorate their rooms

Finally, one of the most tried-and-tested methods of making your children focus on the positive aspects of moving houses is to let them be in control of their bedroom decorations. Almost in control, that is, and keep in mind that this does depend on how old they are.

Nonetheless, allowing them to pick out the color on their walls, the furniture, and even choose if they want a carpet or not will give them a sense of control and maturity. They are old enough to plan out an entire room, after all, and should be old enough to help their parents out with the move as well.

It just makes it a bit easier to get to your next destination without any crying or arguments – and you can put your feet up in your new home a bit sooner.

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