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Who doesn't love a good prank?  If you love pranking your friends and telling jokes, it might be time to step up your game.  Smartphone apps are great for playing games, helping you plan your week, and just making you more efficient, but did you know that you can also use them to play jokes on people?  

prank apps

Tons of new apps are designed with you, the jokester, in mind.  If you are ready to take your pranking to a digital level, read on to check out some of our must-have best prank apps.  These are guaranteed to get some laughs.

Broken Screen Prank App

This app does just what it says, but it steps it up with realistic sound effects.  You can prank your friends by tapping your phone, and they will hear a breaking sound and your phone will have cracks all over the screen.  Bonus if your friend leaves their phone unlocked and you install it and prank them.

Fart Cushion Prank App

Turn your phone into a whoopie cushion with the push of a button.  With just a few simple settings you can embarrass your friends and family and keep your prank war champion title.  With this app, you can even set a timer, so it goes off automatically and control the volume and duration.

Lie Detector Simulator Prank App

If you have an especially gullible friend or family member, or if you want to prank a child, install this app on your phone.  You are able to preplan your questions and what the ideal responses are and then simply ask the questions in order. Your mark will put their finger on the phone, and it will show whether it is a truth or a lie.  Perfect for children!

iTorturer Prank App

Perfect for pranking a large group of people all at once.  This app will create a high-frequency sound that makes it difficult for people to tell where the noise is coming from.  There are a few different options for irritating noises that will drive everyone crazy. Start and stop it at random times for added annoyance.

Dude Car Prank App

Snap a quick picture of someone's car, and you can use this app for the ultimate prank.  Using the apps special effects, you can add fire, dents and other damage to their car and send them a text with the bad news.  Word of caution, this can create a panic!

Yazzy Prank App

Yazzy is the perfect app to prank your friends with fake messages and calls.  You are able to fake messages to write awkward conversations.  The screens look entirely authentic which will make this prank very believable.  Be careful and use this power wisely.


Playing pranks on your friends and family is always a good time!  Using some of the apps above can help you to step up your pranking game.  Remember not to take them too far, especially if someone is getting really upset.  Have fun trying them out and happy pranking.

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