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Entrepreneurs are always looking for fun and functional items for their home offices. More and more people are working from home for other companies or starting their own these days. Office Supplies

There are many different products on the market for a home office and a corporate office. I spend 95% of my time in my home office and I love to decorate it my own way. Office supplies are a necessity when running a business or working from home for someone else. They can be fun as well. These are some of my favorite items for my home office.

office supplies

Description6-Point Multi-function Vibration Massage Office chair–Mecor heated office chair can massage upper back, lower back and thighs/lumbar. Multiple levels of massage intensity available.

My Thoughts: A good computer chair is a must-have item! I have a bad back, to begin with so having the proper support for when I spend countless hours at my desk prevents me from having additional pain.

office supplies

Description: Container Store's multi-functional 2-Drawer Desk Organizer comes with two drawers for small accessories such as paper clips, pushpins, memo pads and more. Two square storage cups on the side are perfect for pens, pencils, rulers, scissors and more – and tray on the top keeps things you need handy and functions as a shelf for your stapler and tape dispenser.

My Thoughts: I am always struggling to organize my most used items on my desk. This 2 drawer desk organizer is finally my answer! I can store my pens in the pencil holder. In the drawers are my post-it notes and even my inhaler. My phone can even be stored in it.

office supplies

DescriptionThe DeskCycle-2 is the same top quality bike as the DeskCycle with the addition of the adjustable leg, a larger 6-function display, and a fresh new logo. Set the maximum pedal height to 10 inches like the DeskCycle, or drop it down to 9 inches to give you more desk clearance.

My Thoughts: Deskcycle makes it easy to get your daily exercise in while also getting your work done. I know I don't get enough exercise in daily, plus I have some health problems that make it difficult. Now I can pedal into a healthier lifestyle while still working. You can also pedal while watching television or reading. Basically any activity you do sitting down, you can do while using the DeskCycle.

office supplies

Description: FABRIQ Chorus is an interactive voice controlled multiroom speaker that uses Amazon Alexa Voice Service to play music, control smart home devices, set alarms and much more. FABRIQ speakers are standalone Alexa devices and do not require an Echo or Dot.

My Thoughts: Who doesn't love Amazon Alexa? I love that I can work and just use the voice command to listen to music. It's now easy to change artists or genres. Alexa is helpful in answering all kinds of questions and now I can do it hands-free.

office supplies

DescriptionAvailable only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the rechargeable desk lamp that provides bright light anywhere without requiring proximity to a power outlet. A flexible gooseneck can be raised, lowered, or twisted for optimal positioning over a book, computer screen, or crafts. The lamp has a brass-plated base, pole, and shade, and a dimmer dial provides smooth transitions between light levels. Bulbs last 50,000 hours. 20″ H x 8 1/4″ Diam. (7 1/2 lbs.)

My Thoughts: The lighting in my apartment is not that great. This is a combination of the way it was built and the fact that I have a sensitivity to light so I can not have super bright light bulbs. My desk is in an L shape and I need a light on both ends for at night. This lamp is definitely the answer. It also helps with seasonal depression because the LED lights make it seem more like daylight than a lamp.

office supplies

Description: The Perfect Fit Lumbar Support helps to soothe lower spine pressure and promote forward curvature for healthy sitting posture. The contoured design and patented port and pillar technology encourage the natural curvature of the lower back while ensuring airflow, minimizing heat & humidity build-up.

My Thoughts: As I mentioned I have a bad back. I have a tendency to lean forward in my chair for some reason instead of sitting back. Using this lumbar support on my chair allows me to feel like I'm closer to the computer, yet I'm sitting back and have proper support on my lower back (where a lot of my pain is from).

office supplies

DescriptionThe Everlast notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience, yet is built for the digital age. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, the Everlast is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services.

When you write using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line, your writing sticks to Everlast pages like regular paper. But add a drop of water… and the notebook erases like magic.

My Thoughts: I am always taking notes of ideas or things I should do for work. My desk is often covered with scraps of paper with notes on them. My biggest thing is when I'm out running errands and an idea hits me. With the Rocketbook I can now write them down and either just keep them there, or scan the page and have it sync to my computer. I love how the Rocketbook saves on paper because it can be used over and over again!

office supplies

DescriptionSitSmart Posture Core positions your body to naturally relieve back pain and keep you sitting comfortably for hours. Measures 16″ x 15″. Works in any seat—office, car, home—or anywhere you sit! Tilts the pelvis upright to engage core muscles Fits adults up to 300 lbs.

My Thoughts: I have bad posture and that is some of the sources of my back pain. This SitSmart Posture Core helps me with the proper posture to work. I am more productive when I'm not in as much pain. Imagine that!

office supplies

Description: SitzRight also features a unique cutout that provides pressure relief for your tailbone. The seat promotes better airflow to reduce heat and humidity for extra comfort. It’s even waterproof and washable for easy cleaning. Made of soft, supportive EVA material, it was designed to help you sit with better posture, alleviating fatigue and discomfort. Measures 18″ x 14″ x 4″.

My Thoughts: I use this one on my office chair constantly. It helps to relieve the pressure between L4 and L5 (tailbone area) where I have an enlarged disk. This is the only product I've found that helps with this.

office supplies

Description: You have better things to do than wait for your headphones to charge. That’s why the Venue is equipped with Rapid Charge. Just 10 minutes of charging gives you 5 hours of use.  Need to talk to someone? Just press a button and Venue lets you answer a question or order a coffee without taking off your headphones. With the quick touch of a button, you can use the Venue to activate your device’s voice assistant to get directions or message your friends.

My Thoughts: Having a good set of headphones is a must for any office work. I love that these are noise canceling because I can tune out the rest of the house while I am working. The fact they are wireless and hook up to Bluetooth is a great bonus. No more cords!

office supplies

DescriptionThis ergonomic laptop riser adjusts in height and angle to optimize your posture, health, and comfort when using a laptop. Laptop Cooling Stand: Aluminum panel dissipates heat to cool laptops. Ambidextrous Mouse Padconnects to the right left side of the panel, tilts, and is easily removable. Versatile: works everywhere – in bed, on the couch, sitting or standing at a desk

My Thoughts: While I love my home office there are times I want to sit on the couch to work. My husband likes to see my smiling face from time to time. Plus, the couch is more comfortable than the most comfortable computer chair there is. I can also work from bed if I choose. I love that you can also use this to rise your computer on your desk top.

office supplies

DescriptionThis Unique Designed Over bed Table is an real cross bed table which you can work with your laptop or simply enjoy your breakfast in bed. Length & Height adjustable, length (side to side): 51-84 inches, height (bottom to top): 21.6 inches to 41 inches. Fit mattress size from Twin to King size. Made from sturdy wood surface and steel frame, easy to assemble in 10 minutes with tools attached Multi functional, it's an cross bed table, but also can be use as an computer table, or a standing workstation. With 4 high quality 2 inch big carpet wheels, it's very easy to push away on the bed to make comfortable distance if you prefer to watch moves with your laptop on the bed, or you could pull it close enough to use it as an workstation

My Thoughts: I love that versatility of this table. You can use it for over your bed, which is great for people who are disabled or have a chronic illness (like myself). You can also use it as a stand along the desk. The fact that it's on wheels makes it very easy to move around. It is a bit tricky to put together. My husband had some difficulty and he's a contractor! I wish the desk top was a bit bigger: Both in width and length.

Hopefully, you can find a gift on this list for anyone that has a home office. Which product is your favorite? Be sure to check out my other gift guides.


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