LogosRomance is important in relationships but so is humor. Ulysses Press has a great coupon book for lovers. It's called Good for One Mediocre Shoulder Rub.

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Good for One Mediocre Shoulder RubProduct Description:

Good for One Mediocre Shoulder Rub
Considerate Coupons for Couples
By Meera Lee Patel

All relationships must, at some point, make the transition from rose-colored swoon-fest to real-life partnership. But with this hilarious coupon book, practicality doesn’t mean saying goodbye to big laughs and tender gestures.
Forget long-stem roses and fancy chocolates. Sometimes the most romantic thing an individual can do for a partner is something as unsexy as washing the dishes on a Wednesday night. Running the gambit from sweet and unique (“Five free spots at the top of the Netflix queue”) to realistically hilarious (“Redeem this card for thirty seconds of my undivided attention”), Good for One Mediocre Shoulder Rub is a charming, funny, and original collection of real-life love coupons for committed couples to say “I love you so much that I’ll walk the dog without complaining.” Every tear-out coupon is lovingly hand-illustrated, making each laugh-out-loud or touching gesture a unique gift in itself.

Nov 2014
Trade Paper
5 1/4 x 2 3/4
20 pages
Category: Humor
Genre(s): Laugh Out Loud, Gifty Grabs

My Review:

My husband and I have a weird sense of humor. We have a lot of inside jokes and make each other laugh constantly. These coupon books are exactly the type of thing we'll use. Not all couples do the traditional romance thing all the time. It's necessary to be silly sometimes too.

Good for One Mediocre Shoulder Rub is full of “coupons” for couples that are in a committed relationship and probably live together. There are some very practical coupons in there. I personally like the netflix one. My husband and I rarely agree on what to watch on tv. He's your typical rough and touch guy and I'm the typical emotional girl.
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