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Harry Potter

Title: The Unofficial Guide to Harry Potter

Author: Eric Bradley

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Krause Publications

Release Date: October 3, 2017

Pages: 208

Buy Links: Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Summary of the Unofficial Guide to Harry Potter:

A legacy of magical treasures!

Since 1997 with the publication of the first book, Harry Potter has cast a spell over millions of Muggles around the world–not the least of all bewitched collectors. Harry Potter: The Unofficial Guide to the Collectibles of Our Favorite Wizard conjures rare, extraordinary and magical treasures sprung from the Potter books and movies, and even the imaginations of fans. In its enchantingly visual pages, you'll discover delightful riches including author J.K. Rowling's writing chair that sold at auction for almost $400,000, first-edition books, original art, movie posters, film props, exclusives, limited-edition items, fun fandom pieces, and other wonders to behold.

So with a whisper of “accio” and a flick of your wand, summon forth the fascinating, the fantastical and the fabulous found in Harry Potter: The Unofficial Guide to the Collectibles of Our Favorite Wizard.

My Thoughts on the Unofficial Guide to Harry Potter:

Who doesn't love Harry Potter? This book is the unofficial guide to the book series and movie franchise. I know I held off on reading the series for a long time because I thought it was for children only since you find the books in the children's section of the library. I finally gave in one day after seeing the first movie and I was hooked! I had to read of the books in the series. I will admit, I haven't watched all of the movies.

This unofficial guide to Harry Potter would make a great gift for any Harry Potter fan. It would look great on their book shelf with their beloved books as well. This book is full of colorful pictures and images from the movies.

Harry Potter

It's a great walk down memory lane of how young the actors were in the first movie! We all know how big the Harry Potter franchise has become. This book discusses how much items have gone for. Here is an example: We all know the signature silver metal wire-frame glasses that Harry I mean Daniel Radcliffe wore. The pair he wore in the first movie sold for $20,000!!!

That's a lot of money for glasses that had glass lens! That's right they were fake because Daniel doesn't wear glasses. You can find all kinds of facts such as this in the book. It's a must have for any true Potter head!

Have you read the books? Which was your favorite?


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