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Viv Collection has some amazing budget friendly leggings. They are so comfortable you forget you are even wearing them!Viv Collection

Viv Collection design and manufacture women’s fashion apparel. We have fashion lines that focus on the basics. We are proud and confident in the quality of our product. We use the best materials for each specific style of our products.

The most important thing to remember is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.

Viv Collection is here to help you to become the fashionista you always wanted to be with the basics!

Viv Collection even has plus size leggings at a budget friendly cost.

We all know that leggings are the “in” thing right now. I am far from a fashionista and I've never claimed to be. I did want to try out leggings though and see what the big hype over them are. I thought since I'm a plus size woman, I'd never get the chance. Boy was I wrong! I absolutely love my Viv Collection leggings.

For the purpose of my review, I received two pairs of leggings. I picked the same design style but in two different colors. I received a blue and a pink (more like fuschia) pair of tie-dyed leggings. 

These leggings are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. This is a major plus because due to my medical problems I'm very picky about the clothing I wear. While the leggings are skin tight, they do not feel that way. These leggings go on like pantyhose. (Remember wearing those back in the day ladies?) Once they are on, they are like a second skin and you forget you have them on.

You can easily dress up or dress down your leggings. I love to pair them with a comfortable t-shirt or an oversized hoodie. Like I said, I'm not a fashionista at all. 

Are you new to leggings as well? You can pair your favorite print leggings with a basic white t-shirt or even a shirt the same color as your leggings. Add a scarf and it's a whole outfit. Personally, I like to dress simple so I bought some white t-shirts and tanks to go with my fuschia leggings and I already had some blue t-shirts to go with the blue ones, but I can wear the white shirts as well. You can never go wrong with white! 

I can't wait to add some more leggings to my collection. I don't think I'll ever wear “normal” pants again!  

If you are a leggings fan, which would you pick first from Viv Collection? 

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