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Our dog loves to give us kisses (aka lick us) unfortunately he has some very bad breath! Did you know there are treats you can purchase that will help with this?


I have tried many different remedies to try and help with Krypto's bad breath. Everything I've tried works for a short amount of time but nothing worked long term like the Whimzees do.

Krypto loves treats and loves to chew on everything and anything. Unfortunately he doesn't always chew on only his toys. He has chewed and destroyed many things: remote controls, pillows, a blanket to name a few. He's even chewed on my husband's cell phone! Thankfully the phone survived, the case is another story. Krypto loves his treats the most though and we always have some on hand.

Whimzees is a loved product by all of us.


Look how cute the design of these. I love the little tooth at the top! These are not soft moist treats that are common, these are a harder treat that is great for their teeth.

Product Description:

  • Fun toothbrush shape actually helps clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Low fat, gluten free and vegetarian natural dog treats
  • Dental dog treats help remove tartar and plaque as your pet chews
  • Dogs love the tasty flavors and delicious ingredients
  • Physically and mentally stimulating for your pet

Brushzees is the new shape of clean. Redesigned grooves and ridges on our new daily dental treat helps remove plaque and tartar like never before. Engineered for the ways dogs grip and chew, they turn playtime into fresher breath and cleaner teeth, giving dogs a reason to jump for joy.


You can see how much Krypto enjoys these treats. He didn't want to sit still for a photo, he just wanted his beloved treat! We can tell when a treat is his favorite, he will play with it and toss it around before he starts to chew it. This is exactly how reacts with these Whimzee treats.

What treat is your dog's favorite?

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