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There is a lot of information online about dealing with your weaknesses when it comes to running a business, but what about your strengths? Trying to turn a weakness into a strength is not always a good idea, but you should make the most of what you are best at.

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Leverage Your Strengths

Realizing what your strengths are is not always simple, but everyone has something they are good at. If you are a natural salesperson you should be concentrating on making sales, and if you are a computer person, perhaps you should be working on your website content and social media.

It is said that 20% of your efforts will produce 80% of the results for your business, and that is because most business owners excel at 20% of things and do not do so well at some of the others. With those figures in mind, it makes sense to concentrate on what you are good at for most of the time. This way your business will benefit from your strengths, and your weaknesses can be dealt with in other ways.

Outsource Your Weaknesses

If you are working on the things you are best at, you may be wondering what happens to the tasks that you are not so good at. One answer is to outsource them.

You can use an IT support firm to help with technology and software, a freelance bookkeeper to maintain your records and an agency to manage your social media. This might sound an expensive way of getting these and others jobs done, but it is cheaper than employing people to do them.

When you outsource work you only pay for the completed job, and the price is usually agreed beforehand. If then it takes the freelancer longer to do than they anticipated, that is their problem, not yours.

You do not have to outsource everything at once. Start with the jobs that are tedious and the ones you do not enjoy. As your business grows, and it should with your strengths being used to the fullest capacity, you can always outsource other things. This is such a popular way of getting some jobs done that even some large companies with a workforce, still have jobs they outsource to freelancers and agencies.

business owners strengths

Find A Partner

Another option is to find a partner to join the business. This does have the disadvantage that suddenly decisions will not be solely yours, but if you can find someone who has different strengths to you that could be worthwhile. The right business partner could share some of the responsibility and between you, it could make the business much simpler to run.


Really, the final option is to automate as much of the mundane tasks as you can. This will involve some outlay to start with, as you will have to purchase the programs to do the work for you. In the long run, though, automation can be a great way to deal with your weaknesses and make your business more efficient.

Often, it turns out that it is a combination of things that allow you to play to your strengths, but whatever way it works, your business will be more successful.


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