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Wicked Origins by Paula Black

I have no idea what’s happening to me.
When a tornado dropped my car in a land of short, wild people, I was shocked. With no way to get home, no idea where I was and no clue how to communicate with the munchkins, I was completely out of luck. Then I found out that my car had landed on someone and killed them. Supposedly she was the Wicked Witch of the East.
If that wasn’t bad enough, now her ruby slippers magically appear on my feet, and slowly, I’m becoming her.
Now I need to get to Emerald City and see the Wizard if I want to stop the transformation and return home. But the yellow brick road is no cake-walk, and I don’t know what I’ll find at the end of this journey. Luckily, I have three brothers I meet along the way to help me on my journey. Each of them is vying for my affection as if it doesn’t matter that my skin is turning green.
Wicked Origins is a modern YA Reverse-Harem Fantasy Retelling of L. Frank Baum’s original Oz tales.

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My Review of Wicked Origins:

We've all heard of the Oz Tales and the Wizard of Oz. They are both a timeless classic. I couldn't get enough of this book and can't wait for the next installment. Wicked Origins is a modern retelling of the Oz Tales.

For one thing, Dorothy arrives in Oz via her car, not her house. The munchkins talk in a strange language that she can't understand. They are also not the cute adorable munchkins we come to think of when we think of Munchkin Land.

There is so much I could say about this book, but it would give away from the story. When you are finished reading it please reach out to me so we can discuss our thoughts in detail. It's just that good, you'll want to discuss it.

This book would make for a great book club book read.

About the Author:

Paula Black is a USA Today Bestselling Author who wears many hats – and none of them is a nightcap. Running on tea, Kpop, and sheer adrenaline, she battles monsters and witches with little to no sleep. She is the sleepy panda who loves to cuddle with boys, dogs, cats, and other pets. If you want to know her other identities or when she will release the next book in the series, subscribe to her mailing list:

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