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It's fun to decorate our homes with a funny welcome mat. Since I'm a dog owner, I love this wipe your paws mat. It also supports breast cancer awareness. wipe your paws

I live in an apartment building and a majority of us have welcome mats in front of our apartment doors. My building does not allow pets but Krypto is allowed because he is a service animal. All of my neighbors love him because he is so loveable and loves attention! Krypto loves to jump up on you and give you kisses! I thought the “wipe your paws” was cute. All of my neighbors have commented that they love the mat as well.

I love that it helps support Breast Cancer. We lost my sister in law a few years ago to cancer. While she didn't have breast cancer, we still support Breast Cancer research in her memory. Cancer awareness in general is important to my family. While my sister in law lost her battle with cancer, my husband is beating his! He is currently in remission for stage 4 cancer!

This wipe your paws mat is not only adorable but it's very comfortable to walk on as well.

This is the second one I've received from Carpet One Floor & Home. The rubber backing on the back is amazing and the mat stays put. As I mentioned, most of my neighbors have welcome mats too. Sometimes they move from in front of their door, especially when the cleaning lady comes. Ours stays in place due to the amazing backing.

Wipe your paws

Every year Carpet One Floor & Home comes out with different welcome mats that help support Breast Cancer awareness. All of the mats have the pink ribbon in the bottom corner. The 2017 pink ribbon mat collection features 18 designs!

The 2017 pink ribbon mat collection features 18 designs, including interior design experts Melissa Davis and Lisa Mende, who pull from their personal experience to create dramatic, impactful mats that fit any home decor. In addition, graphic design artist Justin Niederkorn, a senior designer for an international non-profit agency, tapped his artistic talent and love for the women in his life, to create a mat that graphically tells the important story of a breast exam. Mikayla Chandler, a Savannah College of Art & Design advertising and illustration sophomore, created a powerful image of lines that seem almost inter-connected, and resemble the shape of a breast, swoop of a cup and wisps of hair. The two graphic designers have created edgy and thought-provoking artwork that add to the fashionable and functional collection.

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