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Aurorae Yoga Mat flip flops feature a footbed made from real Eva Foam yoga mats.Yoga mat flip flops

The Aurorae Yoga Mat Flip Flop is designed to make your walk as invigorating as your yoga practice. With their new flip flops, you will never have to leave your mat. The Aurorae flip-flop will give you the comfort of Savasana wherever the day may take you.

Their flip-flops are made from real EVA Foam yoga mats and are available in many colors. All of the Aurorae yoga mat flip flops are eco-safe and free of toxins.

Why are the Aurorae yoga mat flip flops my favorite?

yoga mat flip flops

I am not a big fan of shoes in general. I do love flip flops in the summer time though. I struggle to find flip flops I can actually wear. I have heel spurs and sensitive skin, not a good combination. I have to be careful with what the material is that goes between my toes with flip-flops.

These flip-flops have fabric, not plastic that goes between your toes. I love this as I don't get pain or irritation. The soles are thick and comfortable. I love these so much I wear them around the house just waiting for warmer weather to wear them out. Aurorae Logo pattern for added traction in slippery or wet conditions.

The leather straps are vegan and softly lined with their Yogi Pose pattern and on the outsole, you will find the Aurorae Pose logo for added traction.

These flip-flops come in full sizes only, so if you wear a half size order a size up. I wear a size 11 (I know big feet for a woman). I noticed there is still a bit more room at the toe and heel making a comfortable fit. The extra room does not make them too lose, they stay on perfectly.

My left ankle is fused and swells when I'm on my feet a lot and walking can be painful. It's hard to find cute shoes that don't cause more pain as well. I wear these all day long in the house and have not noticed any pain at all. I love them!

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