Zipsign Banner is an easy way to make a temporary banner. It's great for sport events, for concerts or anything you only need a temporary sign for.


ZipSign Banner is sold by which is a division of the Cottage Mills company. Cottage Mills was started in 1991 by Paul Foght with a focus on the craft and scrapbooking markets. His son Jay was his first employee although he later left the start-up to become a Product Manager creating craft products for Fiskars and Uniek. In 2010 Jaymo, the new photo giftdivision was created to further broaden Cottage Mills’ scope into new sales opportunities. I have recently reviewed two other products from this company. I love their pixpen and pixmug.

[tweetthis]@Jaymoco makes a great Zipsign Banner that is an easy way to make a temporary banner. [/tweetthis]

Zipsign Banners are a fun way to play with dry ease.

My husband and I love to hang dry ease up in the house in random places. We use it for reminders for a shopping list, notes from when on the phone, or even just cute little love notes to each other.

For the purpose of my review I received two different Zipsign Banners. I received a white solid banner that retails $6.99 and a game day pack red border that retails $8.99.

The difference in these two products is the white solid banner is just the banner. The game day pack includes a banner, dry ease marker, and an eraser.

Both of these products come in the following 12 colors: White Solid, Yellow Solid, Pink Solid, Dark Red Border, Red Border, Orange Border, Gold Border, Green Border, Dark Green Border, Blue Border, Dark Blue Border Purple Border.

It is very easy to write and erase on these banners. On the pictures you can see how we used them. These are different inside jokes that my husband and I use with each other. What we love about these banners are that we can easily put them up on the wall with push pins. It's also easy to take them down and away for safe keeping if we have company coming over and do not want them displayed.

If you love dry ease as much as we do, you'll love these ZipSign Banners.

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